Contact Us: 1-888-204-5866
Contact Us: 1-888-204-5866

About Clean Energy Option

Clean Energy Option is a supplier of 100% clean, renewable energy.

With Clean Energy Option, you can reduce your impact on the environment without installing solar panels. Simply make the switch, and Clean Energy Option will make sure that all the energy you use is replenished with 100% clean wind and solar power.

Our Energy

  • We only supply 100% clean renewable energy from mostly wind and some solar farms. Unlike other energy companies, we don't have any blended products and we don't contribute to any fossil fuel or nuclear energy production.
  • We aim to buy from newer facilities to support the growth of the renewable energy industry.
  • We strive to source our energy from farms as close to our customers as possible, bringing cleaner air closer to home.
  • We're currently sourcing energy from 50+ wind and solar farms in the regions we serve, and we're working to expand on that every day.

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As a leading renewable energy provider, Clean Energy Option is proud to be certified by the following organizations and companies.

Certified B Corporation Green America Certified Business - Gold BBB Accredited Business