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Switch to Clean Energy in Minutes

You now have the option to ensure that all of the electricity supplied for your home or business comes from clean, renewable sources.

Switching is fast and easy. You get the same bill, same service and maintain the same reliability.

Choose the Clean Energy Option by filling out the form and supply your home or business with 100% wind and solar energy.


ABOUT Clean Energy Option

Clean Energy Option brings clean energy to you.

Clean Energy Option works with your utility to supply clean, renewable sources for the amount of energy that your home or business uses. Together, we reduce the use of polluting fossil fuels, helping you and your neighbors live healthier lives with cleaner air.

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Switching is easy

You Make the Switch

You can sign up for Clean Energy Option right here in just a few minutes.

We Source Clean Energy

We make sure all the energy you use comes from 100% clean wind and solar power.

We All Breathe Easier

Less fossil fuels means less air pollution and cleaner air for you and your neighbors.

With Clean Energy Option, you can sit back and enjoy the fact that you're greatly reducing your impact on our planet everyday, without any additional effort or up-front costs, making a long-term commitment, or having anything installed.

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